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13 December 2018

Commitment, the trademark quality of the Interfilière brand

Throughout the world, surely the most widespread form of commitment since ancient times, is the promise that two people make to one another, to move forwards together, sharing a lifelong project as their common goal.

This is how we have always seen our commitment to the Lingerie – Swim – Sport sector, while aiming to offer solutions to significant changes in the market and new development perspectives for all stakeholders.

If we had to select one recurring issue from the last ten years of the Interfilière show, it would have to be sustainable development and eco-responsibility. Whether the preferred term is ‘eco-friendly’, sustainable or eco-responsible solutions, the constant goal of “improving production to improve consumption” has been at the heart of challenges faced by the global textile industry, particularly in Europe, for several decades.

Eco-responsibility is one of the three key trends in the range presented at the Interfilière shows. The first exhibitors to take an interest in this area offered a variety of solutions, depending on their cultural and geographic identity, the size and specific features of their company, investment capacity for improving production facilities, customer requirements, etc. Nowadays, there is a collective sense of awareness and the vast majority of manufacturers work on both new solutions for production methods and the advantages of products manufactured (fibres, fabrics and accessories). A number of companies believe that developing responsible collections goes beyond a moral commitment. It also offers an economic advantage. The commitment will pay off in the medium term.

The textile-apparel industry is reportedly the third largest polluter after the petroleum and paper industries. Paradoxically, despite increased general awareness of the need to protect our environment and our health, apparel production continues to rise (as dictated by fast fashion) and has doubled over the last 20 years.

2018 was an important year for the Interfilière shows. Although exhibitors’ developments in this area have always been featured in our different communication media (press kits, visitor guides, articles on our website, etc.), we decided to step up the level of content this year and support all initiatives that are identified as innovative and important.

The “Nature Moves Us” operation was launched at last January’s edition of Interfilière Paris. We created a charter of good practice which was highlighted on the General Forum and promoted via a manifesto. A programme of talks offered exhibitors an opportunity to underline their involvement in this movement.

Aided by the expertise of the Fédération de la Maille et de la Lingerie, we decided to take stock of the situation at the July session and offer concrete solutions on the Innovation Forum. The forum was named ‘RETHINK’ and focused on three principles: REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING. The event was supported by a conference “Sustainable development and eco-responsibility: new challenges facing the industry”. Participants included Michel Chtepa, Managing Director of Seaqual 4U, Philip Schär, Customer Relations Manager for Europe at BLUESIGN TECHNOLOGIE and Mariem Castan, Quality Manager, CSR solutions at GREENFLEX.

We fully support the movement on a global scale: these two events were adapted and reiterated at the Interfilière shows in Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York. In the Asian continent, our Eurovet Asia office works on high added-value services and projects relating to the circular economy and the environment. Watch this space…

Our past, present and future efforts would not be possible without the collaboration of our exhibitors : Asahi Kasei, Billon Design, Boselli, Brugnoli, Cadica group, Chanty Lace, Deep Blue by Sportswear, Delfa, Devsel, Digitale Textil, Iluna, Ipeker, Lenzing, Maglificio Ripa, Piave Maitex, Sanko, Seaqual, Sofileta, Taubert Textil, Willy Hermann, etc.

We will continue to keep a close eye on new developments throughout the world, which are likely to provide concrete solutions for our industry, as well as promoting and supporting any promising initiatives in the upstream and downstream industry sectors.

The events implemented have encouraged the participation of new manufacturers, specializing in sustainable development, such as the Turkish fabric manufacturer, IPEKER, the world’s only vegan-labelled manufacturer, and the Spanish company Seaqual, which produces a polyester fibre using plastic waste recovered from the oceans.

Our commitment will continue in 2019 and in years to come, as expected and demanded by the younger, highly motivated generations, whether the Millennials or the subsequent Generation Z. They will not accept any less and that’s a good thing! We are giving centre stage to the most innovative initiatives and successful experiments, through our global platforms to offer optimal visibility.

Don’t miss the first key dates in the New Year: the “Natural Expression” exhibition in The Exception space at Interfilière Paris on 19, 20 and 21 January 2019.

No limits, Go ahead.

Free copies of the “Nature Moves Us” manifesto and “Rethink” leaflet can be downloaded from our website…

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