15 January 2020

Ewa Bien recently started using a range of environmentally-friendly yarn, made from recycled plastic bottles featured in the Diamond Line. These yarns can be seen in the geometrical, green embroidery details in the intimate apparel. Diamond was presented during Autumn/Winter 2019. The line has become Ewa Bien’s best seller. Due to the high demand, they will continue the line in Spring/Summer 2020 taking it one step further.

Ewa Bien’s textile department has been focusing more on the concept of environmental protection. They are committed to providing quality products, made from recyclable threads. Due to the importance of sustainability, Ewa Bien monitors their influence on environment as they develop lingerie on a higher level. The embroidery used in Diamond line is Global recycled standard certificate.

Additionally, Ewa Bien now offers two new constructions: B161 and B162. They use stronger materials with combination of embroidery allowing Ewa Bien  to enlarge the bra sizes in this line. Ewa Bien now  provides their clients model B161 in sizes: 70E – O, 75D – N, 80C – M, 85B – L, 90B – K, 95C – J and Model B162 in sizes: 65E – J, 70D – I, 34C – H, 80B – G, 85B – F, 90C – E.


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