An exclusive interview with OLIVIER GUILLEMIN, President of the Comité Français de la Couleur

4 June 2018


Eurovet: Why does color play such a key role today?
O.G. Visual appeal is number one in terms of communications and marketing, so color is naturally its first mode of expression. The desire for color meets a need for identity and personalization, a reaction against predominant conformity and a break with a virtual, immaterial environment. Consumers are looking for sensations and emotion, and color is one of the best vectors for all these needs.

How does color change our perception of lingerie?
O.G. We are living in a paradoxical era, a time full of a desire for contrasts and shifting categories, where color fosters a shift in the rules of lingerie. For many years, these rules were governed by stereotypes, but chromatic transversality has allowed us to bypass norms…

What are the new colors in terms of Lingerie/Swimwear?
O.G. I would say instead that there are new color bases and new harmonies.
New technologies in textiles or prints are transcending color: shades called “classics” or “basics” can be made stunning using textures and finishings.
Cosmetics continue to be a major source of inspiration. Whatever they may be, the new colors in terms of Lingerie/Swimwear will have to be alluring, surprising…and will have to meet consumers’ needs.

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