An exclusive survey conducted by Interfiliere Paris

11 June 2020

During this recovery period, Interfilière Paris wanted to investigate the recovery process and the rapid manufacturing capabilities of all its clients that supply materials throughout the world.

This survey conducted in May 2020 confirms that exhibitors are ready to get back to business. They offer quick-delivery stock service for many products to ensure new collection development or restocking.


Need a clear overview of supplier business in real time?

Get in touch today with our Personal Shopper ( to obtain the list of suppliers to suit the esthetic or technical criteria you’re looking for in knits, accessories, embroideries, and lace, including the latest developments in protection to cope with Covid.


Digital textil, Siva Estilmar, Innova, Penn textiles Boselli, Cintas Martels, Cozzolino Group, Rueff Textil, Mery Dentelles, Wutong, Maison Lévêque, Union Liebaert, Billon, Santoul, Muehlmeier; Xiangya Industry. Huafon

Angkortex, Berthéas, Maglificio Alto Milanese, , Antares, Derun, Embrex, Feinjersey Fabrics, Rimteks, Wsk, Devsel, Nextil Group, Piave Maitex, Wing Yue Knitting, Cadicagroup, Jia Yng Bra Cup, Xiangya Industry, Hang Sang Trading, Huafon Spandex, Rueff Textil, Ipeker, Jia Yng Bra Cup, Jinsu Industrial, Preformatex, Prym Intimate, WSK, Xinmei Knitting


*A survey of 93 French and international firms.

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