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Focus on summer 2018’s biggest trends

10 July 2017

What’s new for the upcoming summer 2018 season?


Jungle and tropical prints along with oversized flowers are everywhere. They share the stage with graphic-design motifs and we see the return of ikats (also noticeable in interior design). Then there are prints based on illustrations, often with a childlike feeling, that add freshness. For colours, yellow gains ground, as does lagoon green and violet, which, until now, has not been frequent in beachwear. Coral tones are still favourites and have even become summertime classics.


Metallic effects move into new territory with bronze and copper. For shapes, accents are on the shoulders and neck. Décolletés get extra drama with straps and ruffled details, gathers add interest at halter top necklines, and bras transform into high-necked brassieres. The trikini is a big part of collections, and sport remains a major inspiration for designers, each interpreting it in their own way. And finally, though shine still rules with sequins, beads, and spangles everywhere, summer 2018 suits turn their backs on the jewellery and XL, all-over ornamentation trend of summer 2017. The new wave is for limited, precise placement.


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