Fuelling a passion for fabrics

11 June 2019

4 brands share their favourites




Z SPORT: “The Interfilière Paris show is a rich source of creative inspiration” – Adeline Casco, designer and pattern-maker

Z sport is a French brand offering a range of high-tech sports underwear. When developing products, Z sport takes advantage of the considerable expertise of its parent company, Médical Z. The aim is to alleviate the strain and stresses on women’s breasts during physical exercise.

“At Interfilière Paris, I can stock up on ideas which form a starting point for new products. The technologies showcased by all the textile suppliers, the conferences and trend forums help take my work in new directions,” explains Adeline Casco. “I spend two days at the show: day one is spent having a good look around and scouting potential suppliers. And on day two, I schedule visits with all our usual suppliers. I’m looking for new ideas, fabrics and accessories… I find out about the latest trends and new materials, new accessories, etc.” It all depends on the specifications given. “I particularly enjoy touching the fabrics and seeing how they feel against the skin. And I love discovering innovations!

Z sport products are technically advanced and feminine, as well as suiting all different body shapes and sizes. The brand’s goal is to enable all women to keep their breasts healthy, beautiful and firm, irrespective of their body-type and the level of sport practiced. “We also add pops of colour and sexy details so that women feel attractive and beautiful when wearing our designs, without ever overlooking the health aspect. I tend to favour Italian and German suppliers who are good at meeting our technical demands.”


CASALL: “A passion and respect for fabrics is central to our brand” – Carl-Axel Surtevall, brand founder

Since setting up Casall, Carl-Axel Surtevall has spent the last 35 years working towards a crucial goal: achieving the perfect harmony between the heart, body and mind. The Swedish brand’s profound respect for people is equalled only by its respect for nature. This explains why fabric selection is such a key priority for the design team.

“We’re veritable fabric fanatics, addicted to gorgeous materials, the best and most functional fabrics. Interfilière Paris offers a very wide and, above all, very attractive range of fabrics which we really appreciate. We enjoy going there to meet our regular suppliers. Our visits are really worthwhile. We always keep an eye out for new things and often find them on the forum.”


KIWI: “Offering attractive colour ranges is crucial.” Caroline Braga, Collection Manager

Kiwi is a family-oriented French brand which designs and produces swimwear and beachwear for women, men and children of all ages.

The design team continually strives to create garments with a modern and understated feel in an attractive colour palette. Caroline Braga finds the new products she needs for future collections at Interfilière Paris and tracks down specific articles for themes developed.

The July session of Interfilière Paris is really interesting. Our approach is very methodical: we check out the selection on the trend forum, visit our usual suppliers, with some scheduled appointments, and have a look around for new suppliers, especially if we’re searching for something in particular. But we generally prefer to talk to the suppliers we usually work with,” admits Caroline Braga. Kiwi favours its loyal suppliers: Art Martin, Santoul, Ritex and many others.  “When we have a good relationship with one of our suppliers on a commercial and personal level, we aim to maintain that relationship as long as possible.” Certain collaborations have been going for 15-20 years, sometimes even longer.



FANTASIE SWIMWEAR (Wacoal Group): “We wanted to create the most ecologically-responsible collection possible.” Jo West, Design Director

Manila and Bonito are two new swimwear collections which demonstrate this commitment to sustainable development from Japan’s Wacoal group. “Being as responsible as possible is essential nowadays. We want to continue in this direction and protect the planet”, underlines Jo West, Design Director for Fantasie. Created using the Italian Q-Nova yarn, an eco-designed polyamide made from 99% recycled materials, the Manila collection offers various swimwear styles with a ‘sea snake’ print. The Bonito swimwear collection, featuring an eye-catching ink-printed animal motif against a cream-toned base with pink and violet highlights, is manufactured using Seaqual (a new fibre obtained from plastic waste recovered from the oceans and seabed). According to Fantasie, “one kilo of Seaqual fibre, means one less kilo of plastic in our oceans”. Definitely a step in the right direction for the planet!

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