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Giving fabrics the prestige they deserve

8 December 2017

Your conference will take place Monday 22nd of January from 11.30am till 12.30pm.

Giving fabrics the prestige they deserve

Textile finishing techniques transform materials, changing simple weaves or standard knits into high-added value fabrics.

Embellishing a knit through colour, hand-feel or texture, enhances the fabric by giving it its own identity. Finishing a fabricwith a treatment, special finish or printadds value by giving it a new appearance, handle or additional function.

Can textile finishing really make all the difference to a collection? Which techniques are currently available to give products that extra lift, enhance designs or customize garments? How have techniques changed? Can they be combined?

Where is the latest research heading?

Textile finishers, fabric producers, designers and textile designers discuss the advantages of transforming fabrics and explore new areas for development, from both an aesthetic and technological point of view.


Hosted by Dominique Demoinet, DLD Consulting, with :

Frédéric Rumigny, Collection Manager, DARQUER Lace
Dominique Heuillard, Technical Director, SOFILETA
Olivier Ven, Site Director, COLOR BIOTECH
Noémie Berthaux, Creative Director, EMPREINTE (to be confirmed)
Lou-Anne and Nancy Boehm, Co-directors, TWINS PARIS studio
Daniel Henry, Textile Designer, DANIEL HENRY STUDIO


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