Hämmerle & Vogel bring iterative ideas to life

3 March 2022

Hämmerle & Vogel, the family-owned Austrian embroidery manufacturer, has become a fan favourite thanks to high quality embroideries made for the lingerie and ready-to-wear markets.

The small town of Lustenau, Austria is home to Hämmerle & Vogel, a family-owned Austrian embroidery manufacturer that is currently being operated by its fourth generation. The company has found a loyal following thanks to its high-quality embroideries for the lingerie and ready-to-wear markets. With three partner factories across Austria, China and Taiwan, items are with Lässer and Saurer machines, which produce a total of four collections every calendar year: two lingerie and two ready-to-wear.

With over 60 years of embroidering experience, Hämmerle & Vogel has one of the biggest archives of inspirations and collections. The company claims that this in itself allows for one of the quickest turnarounds in the market. However, Hämmerle & Vogel does not stop at just producing, it actively works with customers and clients on creative development. “Our design team is highly focused on creating trends inspired by categories like architecture, interior and industrial design, nature inspired patterns and geometrical objects”, the company has said. “Creating for big and established fashion brands but also for newcomers, the young trendsetters in the industry: the rebels”.

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