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6 April 2017

This fascinating speaker has been invited to July’s Mode City to offer his unique vision of tomorrow’s retail…

The future is the basis of his career, yet he is never without his trusty backpack as he travels across the globe. With a passion for innovation and technology, Jean-Christophe is an adventurer of modern times.

Lecturer, writer, nomad, blogger, coach, PhD candidate, eternal hunter of innovative projects, tireless traveler… Jean-Christophe is a confirmed expert who travels the world, pitching his tent and advocating a new world focused on user experience. An expert in new technologies, he worked for more than 15 years on behalf of investment funds and then as a consultant. He has devoted his professional life to analyzing the consequences new technologies have had on consumer behavior and strategic implications in organizations. Founder and President of Oxymore Inc., he is also deeply engaged in the international startup ecosystem.

A true futurist, he is totally committed to his clients through the prism of user experience and brand values. Whether it is for the creation of new products, customer relationship, digitization of businesses or the anticipation of new technological breakthroughs, his unrivalled vision supports the teams involved throughout the various business sectors. Jean-Christophe also provides coaching in management and branding, advising major companies and startups in France and abroad. Acting as a mentor in Europe, Russia and Asia, he also is involved in several business-incubator and booster programs. A real showman, his lectures will blow your mind and beliefs and broaden your outlook. Get ready for a real tornado!


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