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Hyper customization: the new made-to-measure

15 December 2017

Nowadays, it is no longer lingerie brands that initiate the latest designs and product ranges are well and truly customer-driven.
Many brands have taken this on board and use customization to stand out from the crowd!
The future of retail, it’s personalization. In fact, in the Business of Fashion and McKinsey 2018 State of Fashion report, survey respondents identified personalization as the number-one trend of 2018; the report also cites a Linkdex survey which found that more than 70 percent of U.S. consumers expect some sort of personalization from online businesses.
Brief overview:


Cadolle, truly exceptional pieces

Established by Herminie Cadolle, who created the first brassiere in France, Maison Cadolle designs incredibly luxurious lingerie. With 120 years of corsetry and lingerie-making experience, it produces truly exceptional garments.
Favourite pieces include corsets, bras and bespoke body-shapers which are custom-fitted to suit the wearer’s body.

For a unique and totally personal design, customers are invited to several appointments in the brand’s private rooms. VIP service at its finest!


P Le Moult, unconventional nightwear

The brand tells a unique brand story through its website and designs.
Garments are inspired by the designer’s butterfly-hunting great-grandfather, Eugène Le Moult. His vintage, tailored clothing is revisited and hand-printed for an updated adventurer look.
The brand now offers a nightwear collection for men, women and children. Well worth a look!


Henriette H, unique knickers from a young brand

Inspired by romance, Sarah Stagliano has created a brand that is at once modern and retro.
Having established a reputation for its slightly frilly, embroidered knickers, the range has been expanded to include suspender belts, bras, bodysuits and even ready-to-wear.
Garments are hand-embroidered, in the company’s Paris workshop, using traditional techniques.
The designer uses high quality fabrics (Valenciennes lace, cotton voile, tulle, poplin, etc.) to create unique pieces.

Nearly all items can be customized by adding elegant embroidery on the front.
‘Amoureuse’ knickers, for example, can be embroidered with your lover’s name, a meaningful word or date, etc.


Empreinte opens the doors to its workshop

Offering a combination of comfort, support and flattering the figure, the brand specializes in larger sizes.
Since 2006, Empreinte has been inviting customers to its workshops for a unique experience…
Around fifty products are showcased in special, dedicated fitting rooms. Guided by expert advisors, women can each find a style that perfectly suits their figure and taste.
Lingerie sets and swimwear can also be customized with decorative jewels, fabric or embroidery. The service we’ve all been waiting for!


When it comes to the beauty sector, made-to-measure cosmetics are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Launched by Rihanna, the Fendi brand offers 40 shades of foundation to suit all different skin-tones. Lancôme has developed a technology for creating made-to-measure foundation: Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation.

Even Sephora now offers to engrave names or initials on perfume bottles, lipsticks and nail varnish!

Oh my cream! and La Boté take the concept even further and propose comprehensive beauty assessments to identify the client’s skin type and concerns, before composing skincare treatments, tailored to achieve the desired results.

Bespoke products are no longer limited to the luxury sector! Customization has become an essential way of standing out from competitors and offering consumers an unforgettable shopping experience.

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