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13 September 2017


Iluna is the main European lace, embroidery, fishnet and fashion jacquard hosiery producer.The company has branches in the United States, Hong Kong and Poland. The overall production capacity is of about 80 Karl Mayer machines in Italy and the company has access to over 100 in Far east and USA. This guarantees the possibility to manufacture any article both in Europe as well as in Far East depending on the customer’s demands.

Types of machines include, Textronics, Jacquardtronics, Rascheltronics, Fashinations and Flat Jacquards.Both, set ups and types of yarns used are also the same in all our productions premises worldwide.

All the products are Eko-Tex certified and Iluna group is environmentally friendly: its plant is in the Ticino natural park where there are strict and severe laws pollution regulations.


Iluna Group was born in 1969 from an idea of founder Luigi Annovazzi: the production of pre-shaped bra cups. In 1985 Iluna acquires the Ondoli di Cuggiono plant, specialized in the production of elastic lace, challenging the French Leavers. The products which constitute the core business of the group are microfiber fabric and tulle, elastic and hard lace for external apparel, underwear, corsetry and beachwear, hosiery and articles without stitching using the Karl Mayer technology. Recently Iluna Lab was added, a container of technological and stylistic innovations. Iluna Lab’s spearhead is the Black Label series, enriched by ultra-thin lace.



Sustainability and innovation, in the full respect of the planet,  are priorities for Iluna Group which uses in all the Jacquardtronic and Textronic laces the Roica elastomer EcoSmart in combination with yarns that are derivatives from new polyamide polymers.

An Ecofashion line made from 100% with Global Recycled Standard certified materials. In continuity with the launch of the Green Label line we obtained the Step certification.  We are the first lace manufacturers in Italy to get it.

Iluna introduces to the market every season three fashion lines that follow the latest world trends, as well as the great classics included in the Classic Beauty line. Outwear, beachwear and sportswear complete the product range.


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