15 February 2019

This panel explores the current state and future direction of inclusiveness in the world of intimates. Including gender and size and so much more, this exciting panel tackles an important and sometimes controversial topic with honesty and hope from varied perspectives. Bring your questions for the Q&A at the end.SPONSORED BY



Kimmay Caldwell – Founder of Hurray Kimmay and #MoreThanMyNumbers

Kimmay Caldwell is a bra industry expert with over a decade of experience since 2005. Her vast knowledge spans from bra fitting cup sizes AA-N, retail and e-commerce, marketing, content creation, buying and wholesale, and more. Her multifaceted background in the industry has made her a valuable ally for brands who aim to share their products with an authentic and empowering message. Her work includes behind the scenes marketing through her marketing company, Hurray Media, writing and non-airbrushed images on her website 
Hurray Kimmay, and an impressive portfolio of mentions in the media and on TV. You may have seen her on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, or The Martha Stewart Show to name a few.

The creator of the global campaign, #MoreThanMyNumbers, she also educates people to find their bra size but not be defined by it. And because the bra fitting experience kickstarted her own body love journey, she uses a blend of education and inspiration to help people of all sizes and genders to do the same. Her mission as a bra fitter, coach, and writer to empower people to use lingerie and undergarments as a way to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™.



Kris John Cardona – Head of Marketing for Inclusive Lingerie Brand PARFAIT and MOD BY PARFAIT

At Parfait, he works with and leads an equally passionate team to nurture and grow the brand with the marketing ethos of adding value through empathy, telling stories that inspire diversity, and aspiring to make a positive impact on inclusivity amongst the intimates market.

Raised in a majority woman household helped him develop an affinity to a woman’s perspective. In his free time outside of his family life with 4 kids, he is an avid consumer of information both useless and useful, and the Host of the Booked Morning Podcast on iTunes where he reviews his favorite business, marketing, and personal development books.















Ingrid Xiomara Galvez Thorp – Business Strategist

Ingrid’s strength is in her personal mantra “Cultivating Collaborative Communities.” Whether Ingrid is on a D&I panel at a Fortune 500 or moderating a panel herself, she is driven to bringing perspective on the “Value of Diversity & Activating Inclusion” in the workplace.

Ingrid makes up half of Thorp, LLC, where she is a Business Management Strategist specializing in HR: Organizational Development. She brilliantly combines her professional expertise and her personal passion to help individuals and teams find their personal power, step into leadership, develop, and inspire.

As an active member of the LGBT business community in NYC, Ingrid chairs the Diversity & Inclusion Comittee for nglccNY. She is dedicated and committed to ensuring the organization is representative of the collective diversity that makes up the community at large.

She does so by engaging the LGBT community and offering a safe space in which to be out and proud about their work, projects and social enterprises. That is evident in her monthly blog contributions, where she features Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits. There she celebrates their accomplishments, as well as promotes their endeavors and upcoming events.








Khrystyana Kazakova – Model, Love Advocate and Founder of #theREALcatwalk

Khrystyana is a Curve model signed in NYC / Europe and body Love activist. She was born in Siberia and later moved to the United States and now resides in New York city. As well as her modeling career Khrystyana was on cycle 24 of America’s Next Top Model. She has used her platform to help people around the globe to be more accepting of their bodies and who they are by speaking at academic campuses, meet ups, writing and creating digital art focusing on all diversity and more so she is a creator of The Real Catwalk, a pop up fashion show that focuses on bringing people of all Beauty together to redefine beauty standards. She has grown her engaging following to 353k on instagram. Khrystyana has worked in global campaigns and is continues to dive deeper into her passion.



Elizabeth Leifer

Coming from a background in the arts, Elizabeth Leifer started her career as a painter and scenic artist, transitioning into film production and creative direction. She expanded her skill sets by learning about marketing and business, and held positions as Product styling Manager for Net-A-Porter, Mr. Porter and Director of Creative Production at Intermix. As a non-binary member of the trans community and veteran in the fashion industry, Elizabeth utilizes the culmination of all her experiences to learn and grow with the apparel and intimates industry, as a brand consultant and the CDO/ Co- Owner of Play Out Underwear, which creates gender equal underwear and promotes diversity, inclusion and body positive marketing.









Holly Osborne – Revelation In Fit, Manager

Holly Osborne is the manager of Revelation In Fit, a lingerie and bra fitting store in Oakland, California. She grew up in a diverse community in Chicago that helped shape her perspective and the person she is today. She is body positive, fat positive, and loves to help others feel good about their bodies by creating a welcoming space for people of all genders, races, and sizes in her shop. Her journey to self love has led her to the lingerie industry, and she is always looking for ways to learn and grow as a person.











Located in the Event Lounge.

Monday, February 25th @ 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM



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