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INDUO: Development of a crease-free, anti-stain and perspiration-fighting cotton shirt fabric.

5 July 2018

Meet them on the Interfilière Paris Tomorrow! area of the  trade show

The Induo brand offers anti-stain and sweatfighting fabric for shirts.

In partnership with the GEMTEX laboratory at ENSAIT Roubaix, the aim of the research project is to incorporate the «crease-free» feature into this already bi-functional fabric.

To obtain a truly crease-free fabric, it must be resistant to wrinkles during use (when the fabric is worn, no creases should appear) and when washed (the fabric doesn’t need to be ironed after washing). Through technology monitoring and intelligence, in order to obtain this feature, two lines of research emerged: chemical treatment of the fabric and mechanical and structural optimisation of the fabric, yarn and cotton fibre. At the GEMTEX lab, the project is also part of a PhD, whose research focuses on the second line of research: mechanical and structural optimisation of the fabric.


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