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Innovation Retail by Lambert+Associates

9 January 2019

Meet Odette Rushton, Trend and Innovation Expert at Lambert+Associates for a conference about Retail innovation Saturday 19th of January from 4.45pm to 5.30pm.

The Retail Innovation conference is an annual conference which focuses on summarizing and analyzing the state of the retail industry, including addressing ensuring challenges and presenting current and anticipated responses to said challenges.

Lambert+Associates has created a concise manner of communicating and presenting innovative approaches that are being developed and adopted by leaders in the industry. The decisive strength of this offering is an opportunity to benefit from the combined insight of all of our Market Experts in an analytical and informative manner.

Odette Rushton


Lambert + Associates is a European consultancy firm with exceptional expertise in the field of luxury and fashion.
The company work alongside its international network of partners to create and implement strategies to optimize commercial performance for brands, retailers and organizations.

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