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Interfilière Paris stays ahead of market developments

20 July 2017

The fully renewed range at Interfilière Paris satisfies the new demands of a market which has clearly broken with the traditional demand for delicate and refined materials generally associated with lingerie.


Very enthusiastic, buyers were particularly keen on ‘hybrid’ products with a single goal in mind: satisfying consumer demand. These sporty female shoppers have a good level of body-confidence and self-confidence. Natural and feminine, they have high expectations and like to stay connected.

The show range has succeeded in staying one step ahead of demand, prioritizing the comfort, quality and technical performance of materials. Rather than targeting a single market, Interfilière Paris now targets a number of markets whose boundaries are increasingly blurred, with trends that cross over and merge to enhance the appeal of multi-tasking collections for a variety of end-uses: beach and sport, shapewear and activewear, loungewear and swimwear, intimates and athleisure.


With a number of key products, primarily leggings and yoga pants, buyers were impressed by creative use of layering, favouring natural materials, such as new cellulosic fabrics, whether printed or in blends with cotton or wool, comfortable materials with a very high elastomer content. Building on the groundwork begun by knit specialists, lace-makers like Chanty, embroidery specialists such as Bischoff and many others, have a clear understanding of the way the lingerie market is developing. They have succeeded in winning over buyers by offering fully updated ranges, tailored to satisfy this expectation of hybrid products, comfortable and sporty, yet richly decorated.


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