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29 July 2019


At CURVE New York, Monique Morin debuts a fashion-forward line of lingerie and sleepwear in inclusive sizes, for trendsetters who express their confidence and individuality through bold, refined style.

Monique Morin Lingerie was founded in 2019 by its namesake founder and designer, Monique Morin. Morin has traveled the world as a lingerie designer for brands like La Senza, and chose New York City to establish a home for her label. Monique Morin’s collection is a range of versatile pieces inspired by the women and architectural energy of New York City.

Morin noticed a gap in the market for wearable, fashionable lingerie with an emphasis on quality construction and fit. Through her premiere label, she’s bridging that gap with fashionable, well-made lingerie for all body types. Committed to celebrating diversity, Monique Morin’s entire premiere collection is available in sizes XS to XXL.

At La Senza, Morin led the launch of new markets and helped pioneer the now popular trend of wearing intimate wear as outerwear. So, it’s only natural that the line includes versatile pieces which enhance a woman’s confidence and wardrobe, from day to night. From high-performance bodysuits to longline bras with one-of-a-kind embroidery, Monique Morin lingerie becomes an expressive statement piece for the women who wear it.

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