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1 August 2017

New Lingerie Brand Debuts Trend Savvy Designs That Can Be Dynamically Styled Inside Or Outside The Bedroom

New lingerie brand ENVIE INTIMATES will launch on August 6th at the Curve New York show, debuting its 2018 collections. The brand seeks to remove taboo surrounding intimates by bringing lingerie into mainstream fashion and increasing its intrinsic value to customers.

ENVIE was originally inspired by the idea that lingerie needn’t be hidden in the bedroom. A common thought that reappeared among women surveyed was that while lingerie was beautiful – it was a waste. “We spend all kinds of money on these beautiful garments that are only pulled out on special occasions and just seen by our partners” quipped one writer.

To challenge this belief, ENVIE had to create amazing lingerie that could be worn as a part of one’s daily ensemble. “Our collections are designed with the goal of normalizing sexuality and lingerie by creating pieces that are just as at home on the street as they are in the bedroom,” says Brand Ambassador Eliane Said. To this end, their design team made sure to incorporate fabrics and finishes that were highly functional into their collections, and that all pieces provided easy styling options.

The result is a collection of beautiful lingerie with styling options that can suit a hopeless romantic just as easily as a relentless heartbreaker, since at any given time this could be the same person. Each ENVIE design stands on its own in the traditional intimates setting, and can also be paired with staple wardrobe pieces to create looks one would see in the folds of a fashion magazine. This gives the wearer the ultimate value; a multi-use piece that can be worn any day of the week – not just on special occasions!

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