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26 July 2017


Fájate is a Colombian company created in 2000 by two twins.

Based in Medellin city, Fájate is the most recognized brand in Colombia in the compression garments category due to its design, quality, and durability; made with soft fabrics that provides nutrition, hydration, and assists the toning of the skin.

Our garments are designed with different levels of compression, thinking of our customer´s needs. And therefore, becoming a second skin.

We create garments in which people can project the best version of themselves by feeling great. We have a special design, made to increase the confidence of each woman, focusing on naturally shape in the female silhouette. We are a complement in every closet by offering comfort for different occasions.The compression garments are made of fabrics with structures composed of cuts with seams and layers that reaffirm the ideal silhouette. Our vocation is oriented towards the satisfactory of feelings and emotions that  project relief and security in customers who have used the brand , Our fabrics come alive throughout its functionality creating a before and after experience, at that point we can say : Welcome to  the reinvention of yourself!. 

Benefits and attributes of our products :

  • Provides control in desired areas
  • Cuts and seams that build silhouettes
  • Diminishes the appearance of flaccid skin and provides firmness to the skin
  • Provides a natural enhancement in different body areas: Bust, waist, gluteus
  • Shape and accentuate your curves
  • Back support and relief pain
  • The sensation of relief is its main characteristic


Our inspiration for summer 2018 is the rebirth of nature. We find diversity classified by iconographic stereotypes within the beach world, where our main objective is to enhance silhouettes. The special fabrics in the garments highlight the most important parts of each body according to each style. Our portfolio is focused in the skin´s exposure desired by each woman, The silhouettes delineate the bodies by cuts made according to the attributes that we want to emphasize, influenced by the emotions of the women. In terms of trends, we used as inspiration the coast and oceans, replicating tones and finishes in our textiles. The origins of Nature fulfill our life with an explosion of colors and contrasts. The oceans stand out in the simple and essential expressions of their deepest and most interesting tones. The nautical icons reflect elegance and delicacy. In our collection we represent them through irregular silhouettes, in which the body is combined with the contrasts of color in neutral tones and rigid prints. Lines, transparencies and details come alive to generate special visual impacts for the transmission of harmony and security in every woman. Interpreting our inspiration, our ideals and the emerging trends of the season, we are conscious of the evolution and the emotional strength of the market, for that reason we have changed and renewed, in order to support every woman to always look beautiful and better. .

We would describe our inspiration as: “Be a real woman”, “Be the best version of yourself”, “Show of your curves” “Sexy you”

Words to describe our philosophy: Confidence, Authenticity, Self Esteem, Self-Care, Freedom, Comfort, Curves, Braveness, Delicacy, Vanity.

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