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Ipomia Reinvents the Bra

5 February 2018

Ipomia Reinvents the Bra


Introducing Ipomia, the high-fashion lingerie brand created for women who have undergone breast reconstruction. Founded by a team of world renown plastic surgeons and women who have undergone breast augmentation, Ipomia’s standout design and construction makes their bras the only ones you’ll ever need, or want, to wear again. The brand’s new collection features a range of feminine styles that ensures a perfect fit for one’s new shape in the immediate recovery phase, extended healing period and beyond.

Busting the Myth

Who undergoes breast surgery and what is behind their decision? The answers may surprise you. With approximately 561,000 operations performed in 2016, breast surgeries are the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. with a majority of patients falling between ages 30 to 39. During these prime childbearing years, it is common for women to lose breast volume, size and that pre-pregnancy “perk” due to postpartum weight-loss or breastfeeding. No amount of diet or exercise will restore their shape — implant surgery is often a viable solution for women to reclaim their body, femininity and self-confidence.

The Ipomia Difference:

Women who have undergone breast surgery often wear medical bras. Ipomia is on a mission to introduce its lingerie that are designed in an innovative way to support women throughout the healing process and beyond with a sensual collection of styles that offer a perfect fit and comfort for one’s new shape.

Step 1 – Post-Surgery

Meet the recovery bra that is anything but dull! The First Love Bra is an innovative healing bra for daytime wear designed to make you look and feel beautiful from day one, without compromising on the support your new shape needs. With its lace accents and anti-bacterial Bamboo lining it is the first of its kind on the market. This bra has your back and front too! Ipomia has three different styles to use during Step 1, the Recovery period, with the patented tailored support system, made of antibacterial, breathable, and ecofriendly Bamboo fabric.

Step 2 – For Your New Shape

A traditional bra shapes natural breasts while providing support. Implants are different. The Ipomia Step 2 collection For Your New Shape is tailor-made for implants, giving the right support but without any pushing or squeezing. This stage offers a variety of bras. Thanks to Ipomia women with reconstructed breasts can finally get a whole selection of sexy styles and cuts made perfectly for them. The Sensual Simplicity Bra is a sexy expression covered in lace and beautiful details while providing a perfect fit. There are six different styles.
“Eighty percent of all women do not wear the right size bra and women with implants are no exception. In many cases, they are simply not aware of the importance for a proper fit to complement their reconstructed breasts,” said Co-founder, Dr. Per Hedén, a leading expert in plastic surgery and a contributor to the definitive book on implants, Book of Breast Augmentation. “After the Recovery period was over and I could finally go shopping for a whole new set of bras little did I know how challenging it would be to find the perfect fit for my new shape,” says Cecilia Kadar. “The power of a pretty bra that fits right and is especially made for you is transformational. I created Ipomia so women could look good from the onset plus not waste hours in frustration trying to search for the perfect fit for their new shape.” By creating this niche category, For Your New Shape, Ipomia is a pioneer in the lingerie market. Their bras have been lab and consumer tested to ensure the highest degree of client satisfaction by delivering the perfect fit with a beautiful aesthetic. Ipomia is the first lingerie company to customize its bras for women with implants, and for women who want to respect their natural shape. “Ipomia is the epitome of beautifully intelligent lingerie,” said Designer and Co-founder Melika Zavareh.” Our brand serves a very specific community, so our customers can always feel confident we are designing for them. At Ipomia, women will find a bra that suits their unique lifestyle needs today, tomorrow and forever.”
Technically speaking, Ipomia bras are constructed with premium fabrics enhanced with Nickel free details. The bras are designed in Sweden and handcrafted in Europe, guaranteeing their utmost quality. The collection features styles that are available starting at $84.00 and can be purchased at

 About Ipomia


Founded in 2013, Ipomia is home to beautifully designed and high-performance bras created exclusively for women who have had breast surgery. Its name is inspired by the flower Morning Glory and its Latin name IPOMOEA, meaning “attach myself to you” and stemming from the leafs that cover and protect the flower. Ipomia offers a selection of sensual styles designed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons to help women get the perfect fit for their new shape from day one.

About Cecilia Kadar, Founder, Ipomia

After undergoing breast augmentation, Cecilia discovered a gap in the market for high performance yet beautifully-designed bras for women with breast implants. She gathered an expert team of specialists who confirmed the need and together they created Ipomia. She has worked in marketing, and as Marketing Manager for several international companies. Prior to launching Ipomia she was the Marketing Director of one of the largest healthcare companies in Scandinavia. Cecilia holds a BA in International Marketing and Economics.
“When I did my breast augmentation I had to use a clunky recovery bra for about three months 24/7. Going to work or social events was not fun and you want to look as good as ever and be able to wear your dresses. I created The First Love Bra, a better designed recovery bra with lace and a nice cleavage that you can wear daytime. After the recovery I went out to find nice bras, it was hard to find a good fit since augmented breasts don’t have the same anatomy as normal breasts, I tried so many bras for hours to find a good fit and nothing worked so I decided to create a fashion brand specially made for women with augmented breasts with a perfect fit.”

 About Melika Zavareh, Designer and Co-founder, Ipomia

Melika is a Fashion Designer trained at Nordic School of Design, and specialized in lingerie design at London College of Fashion. She has several years of work experience with some of the top brands in the industry. With Ipomia, her role has been to solve the customers’ need for both design and function, while meeting the medical demands of the plastic surgeons.

 About Dr. Per Hedén, Plastic Surgeon and Co-founder, Ipomia

Per has worked as a Plastic Surgeon since more than 30 years and is an Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery at the well-known Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Akademikliniken, one of the biggest plastic surgery hospitals in the world. It was founded by Per in 1991. Per is a member of several renowned organizations in the field of plastic surgeons. He has also published extensively. Per is one of the most well-respected surgeons in breast augmentation. He has written several textbook chapters on the subject and frequently performs demonstration operations and lectures on his well known techniques all around the world.

 About Dr. Riikka Veltheim, Plastic Surgeon and Co-founder, Ipomia

Riikka is an MD, Registered Doctor, since 1998, achieving her PhD in 1999. She then specialized in plastic surgery at Karolinska Institutet, at Department of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, where she practiced between 2003 and 2007. Parts of her specialized training in aesthetic plastic surgery comes from Houston, Texas, under Professor Alfonso Barrera, as well as from Rome, Italy, under Professor Marco Toscani.


Click here to hear Cecilia talk about the brand herself, why she’s is passionate about it and why you should be too.


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