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1 August 2017

“Wearing a corset is a pleasure!” – Jane Woolrich about why a modern woman should drive herself into such a strict framework. The ability to adjust or emphasize the forms and fascinate a man, of course, also should not be discounted.

Jane Woolrich’s grandmother was the one who introduced her to the corset. And in the 1980s, the work of Vivienne Westwood, who often used it in her collections, pushed not only the study of the history of this wardrobe subject, but also the creation of her own studio.

Jane Woolrich products are made to order, almost entirely by hand in a small atelier in the English county of Staffordshire. “Each corset is completely created by one woman, the client receives a card with her name, so our craftsmen are interested in the result of their work because they bear personal responsibility,” explains Jane.

Corsets on whale whiskers with the most complicated cut, which provides an ideal fit, are made from silk and luscious lace. Each of Jane Woolrich’s works is unique. The designer cares about the smallest details – their performance is worthy of haute couture. Being in constant aesthetic search, she draws inspiration in the nature, art and creativity of her favorite designer – Alexander McQueen. How can a modern and self-sufficient woman be pampered? Look for the answer in the new collection of Jane Woolrich.

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