Keynote Speaker – Creme Su

30 August 2019

Creme Su, Founder & Creative Director @ Creme Lingerie

Creme Su, the founder and creative director of Crème, has very unique sense of
understanding and aesthetic feeling for lingerie. By living in France for many years, she is
very inspired by French lingerie designs and French women’s attitude towards lingerie.
She came back to China in 2015 and established the lingerie brand Crème, taking the
lead of bringing the style of bralette into the female consumer market in China. In the past
four years, CremeSu is dedicated to bring better aesthetic choices to lingerie designs for
Chinese consumers. In the meantime she has attracted nearly 200,000 active followers
on social media platform, and won many designer awards over the past few years.



September 27th, 3.00 – 3.45 PM

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