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Eco-responsibility and innovation are the clear winners at Interfilière Paris

24 July 2019

In a sector that has faced the challenges in the past few years of a market in flux, Eurovet, with Unique by Mode City & Interfilière Paris, commits to providing the finest of showcases to its stakeholders, who are deeply involved in re-energizing their industry together. For the 2019 edition that just concluded, they were out in force, with unprecedented, boldly forward-looking collections.

Exhibitors at the shows mainly positioned themselves in terms of innovation, driven by the eco-sustainable trend, which was particularly present with exhibitors increasingly looking to provide answers for this worldwide awakening. This committed, and sometimes even activist, stance was celebrated by the media and by buyers, both French and international.

Overall feedback from exhibitors is clear: customers are incredibly open to innovation. Aware that the market is difficult and will remain so for some time, exhibitors know that a stand-out range, focusing on sustainable development for example, may be the key to weathering this difficult period.

On both the supplier and buyer side, industry professionals raised questions throughout the 3-day show. There can be no doubt that the market is evolving; both products and consumption behaviour are changing, and flexibility is required. Though brands demonstrated caution 3 or 4 years ago, none seemed concerned this session. On the contrary, many brought new ideas to the show. Any basics from the collections were left at home!

The major intimates and swimwear brands were present, as well as younger, ‘change-makers’, at once talented and creative, which now make up a good proportion of visitor numbers. Many exhibitors were impressed by the high calibre of visitors, offering new levels of professionalism. Meetings and conversations were of a good length, as numbers fluctuated and varied from one stand to the next.

TOP 10 visiting countries Interfilière Paris

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
  4. UK
  5. United States
  6. China
  7. Spain
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Netherlands
  10. Turkey

25% France – 75% international


Ashley McCormack, Commando, Buyer
“An Interfilière Paris show with an extremely high level of quality in terms of suppliers. Also, services that really took care of buyers’ needs. I appreciated the tools in place to make new contacts easy: the floor plan, the mobile app, etc.”

Véronique Gheza, Simone Pérèle, Purchasing Manager
“The speed meetings are always interesting. They allow us to meet suppliers we wouldn’t otherwise have encountered. The 20-minute meetings were perfect!”

Envisioning the swimwear of tomorrow was the central challenge posed by the new Swim x Sport X Innovation space, imagined and designed around a crucial theme for exhibitors and visitors: how to eco-design a sustainable product while retaining the high performance of its original version? For their upcoming collections, buyers were offered a multitude of technical, sustainable solutions, between functionalized materials and sustainable innovations.

Also, Eurovet support the all industry with this desire in mind to offer new business and visual alternatives adapted to industry needs Buyer meetings are a year-round challenge and mission for the show teams with speed-meetings held on site, a personal shopper available throughout the year, ‘The-Lingerie-Place’ digital platform and a mobile app, which has been updated to simplify matchmaking between exhibitors and buyers before, during and after the show… Several industry experts spoke at or led workshops to help guide exhibitors, buyers, and journalists in their thinking.

For its next edition, from 27 to 29 June 2020, Interfilière Paris will continue to promote new developments and encourage avant-garde ideas. To achieve this, the show will work with manufacturers and continue to serve buyers throughout the year.


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