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Lingerie A/W 2021: Trends and consumer attitudes – Sophie Roux, Nelly Rodi

13 February 2019

At Nelly Rodi, each season starts off with a word to define the next new trend.

The word ‘Legacy’ has been chosen for the Fall Winter 20/21 season: taking a fresh new look at the past, revisiting codes and knowhow to create the heritage of tomorrow.

4 themes have been identified to express the season’s trends:

  • Strange Sensuality, or how the contours of gender, elegance and sensuality are being redefined.
  • Folk Utility brings spirituality and a local dimension to the everyday by celebrating regional traditions and knowhow.
  • Wonderground, a lavish party atmosphere with a good dose of 1980s nostalgia.
  • Industrial Delicacy, a slow and high-tech theme which focuses on a new, sustainable future.


Listen back to the podcast of the Nelly Rodi conference with Sophie Roux to find out more!


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