12 March 2020

Louisa Bracq is a family owned business, serving the lingerie industry for more than 6 generations. They started as an embroidery workshop designing and making embroideries for the fashion industry and even the clergy. Later the leading lingerie makers discovered their creativity, passion and quality and they became one of the leading “brodeurs” (embroidery producers) in the North of France.

Ten years ago, they decided to create their own Lingerie brand, which they named Louisa Bracq in honor of their great grandmother.

They were determined to merge our embroidery skills with all that they had learned from the best in the lingerie industry. Today, Louisa Bracq combines their family heritage and commitment to create the finest lingerie in the best French tradition.

Matthieu son in the 5th generation and one of the youngest design directors in the industry. His imagination brings Louisa Bracq to undiscovered parts of the lingerie world and his love and respect for women result in that rare mix of beauty and comfort. In their Continuity and Fashion ranges they offer A to I cup sizes.

Louisa Bracq sources their fabrics and accessories mainly in France and in Europe, thus combining quality with their dedication to care for the environment and the belief that lingerie should be inclusive.

Louisa Bracq’s embroidery workshop is still in Fontaine au Pire, a sleepy little village in the north of France, that is also where they have their sample room and it’s the place where they design the Louisa Bracq collection. As a family enterprise they listen to and understand the needs and expectations of independent lingerie retailers. Today in 15 countries and more than 800 shops.

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