Eurovet (EN)


16 July 2018

Irresistible attraction…Authentic encounter of universes and fabrics, Coup de Foudre, french for “ Love at first sight” prevails in Maison Close confidential line as a fearless, essential and refined collection.

Breaking down all frontiers between what’s audacious and what’s elegant, Coup de Foudre spellbinds, intrigues, charms.

Through its daring playing with transparencies, lace finishes and second-skin fabrics, Maison Close presents a burning and romantic collection. Black mesh, floral lace and purple velvet details : the confidential line becomes an inspiration for passionate moments, to wear suddenly only to provoke the craving for taking it off. New designs like an openable babydoll, a purple velvet harness, an open laced panty complete this timeless line of sexy chic lingerie. Coup de Foudre defies and make it impossible for anybody to resist its irresistible attraction…

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