Eurovet (EN)


8 July 2017

An unconventional designer, who lives by a single philosophy, ‘Pleasure in creativity’, Marc Terrier is anything but a design factory: “We don’t follow key directions in trends, we produce images to help a number of brands create a strong identity. Creating involves being able to let yourself go and genuinely enjoy the process.”

Making the most of Marc Terrier’s creative flair and expertise in digital technologies, the designs which take shape in the studio will leave no one indifferent. You’ll either like them, or you won’t. “It’s up to the brand to decide on its customer-base and choose which of my images it wants to use. Some brands make their entire collections using only my designs. I have a certain responsibility. But it’s the brand alone that is answerable for choices made. What I can say, though, is that by using powerful images, they certainly won’t get lost in a crowd!”

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