Eurovet (EN)

Maryan Mehlhorn presents a visually spectacular collection

12 July 2017

The brand uses a wealth of effects for an especially thrilling 2018 season with a focus on innovation and a wide use of details.
Maryan Mehlhorn takes us to the ocean’s depths with prints evoking undersea life; into the jungle with luxurious, animal-inspired prints; and to far-away sultry lands with oriental prints. Each piece is rich in details, with particularly stunning 3D visual effects. Hand embroidery, sequins and beads also accent motifs.
Solid colours vibrate with unusual strap designs, pleating, flat pleats, and gold band and micro-chain accents.
Don’t miss: the Futurist line (see photo) using innovative beachwear fabric with Lotus Effect™ finishing that repels water. The suit is already almost dry when it leaves the water! We also admire the brand’s sport chic look with 3D silicone details (another innovation at the service of style).

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