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24 September 2019

Terms of sale, sustainable development, social media –


Chanty’s response to market segmentation is concrete. Through adapting products to the market’s new demands, especially concerning sustainable development and terms of sale, Chanty is proud to meet the needs of all its customers.

Transparency and flexibility are the guiding principles for the company’s updated business philosophy.

Chanty has adjusted and personalized its services and creative products to fit the requirements of all its clients and partners: well-known traditional brands, “new generation” creative labels, and big-volume chains and groups.

This new business strategy is based on three foundations:

1) Terms of sale for the new collections are, depending on the range, adapted to fit the customer’s needs. This total transparency is a sign of trust between supplier and customer and a guarantee for clients who can confidently estimate their margins even before their orders are placed.

2) Chanty has strengthened its position on natural and environmentally friendly materials. The company also maintains an easy-to-understand, coherent choice of traceable materials:

  • Eco-friendly materials for laces in organic cotton
  • Cellulosic materials for laces in viscose, Modal, and Naia™
  • Natural materials for an outstanding, unique collection of laces in mostly cotton blends

This reorganization puts Chanty in a clear position in a market eager for the sustainable products that are often lost in a confusing global arena where goods are not explicitly identified. It’s also important to note that production takes place in Chanty factories in Germany, where manufacturing processes meet German standards, the most demanding in Europe.

3) Communication has become a key tool for connecting Chanty with its customers. All Chanty clients are given the appropriate labels such as “Made in Germany”, “Cotton Line”, etc. The reorganized, updated internet site with clearly presented ranges and easily traceable raw materials lets customers become familiar with Chanty products. Chanty has also become very active on social media, starting with Instagram.


With the Home collection built on a “home sweet home” inspiration, Chanty again proves its talent for innovating in a constantly evolving market.

Winter 20/21 showcases three main themes and one theme for Corvett Spitzen:

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