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meet with CHANTY LACE

30 July 2019

Set up in 1957 in Rödermark, a town to the south of Frankfurt, Chanty is a major producer of Textronics and Jacquardtronics lace. The German company employs around a hundred people. It makes all its products at its Rödermark site, where Karl Mayer lace machines produce widths of between 1cm to 140cm. Located in one of Germany’s most eco-friendly regions, Chanty respects the most demanding environmental norms.

The company distinguishes itself by its innovative high-tech lingerie, outerwear and sport collections, which feature functional laces, shapewear laces, two-way stretch laces, and free-cut laces. It uses a variety of high-quality yarns (EcoCare®, Lycra®, Dorlostan®, Modal®, Lurex®, Green Cotton, etc.) and provides a range of different finishings. Its design studio produces two collections per year encompassing a number of highly creative themes, as well for the second Brand of Chanty – Corvett Spitzen – with collection specifically designed for women who prefer timeless and functional styles.

The company exports 90 percent of its output to 45 countries and is rapidly developing its market shares in Asia and the United States. Its client list includes leading brands such as Triumph, Aubade and Playtex.


WINTER 2020/21

Winter 20/21 showcases three main themes and one theme for Corvett Spitzen:

Loft: Design and clean-lined style are inspired by big loft spaces with generous proportions and no extraneous details. The theme with its simple, strong motifs is a reflection of active lifestyles.The colours – violet and old rose – are decidedly sporty and the details are low key and in just the right dose.





Green House: This calm, restful mood is an invitation to relax and re-energize in a shady veranda. Flowers, petals, and leaves are the primary motifs in this light romantic theme in cotton lace. A nature-inspired plette is based on shades of green.






Superior Suite: The intimacy of an elegant bedroom welcomes boudoir style from another century.

Luxurios, intricate motifs come to life in sophisticated laces. The one-of-a-kind flowers and complex, finely designed abstract motifs are expressed in gentle harmonies of slate grey, praline link and blue velvet.



Privacy by Corvett Spitzen: Softness and elegance are at the heart of this timeless, sophisticated theme where flattering laces guarantee support, comfort, and wellbeing.

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