meet with HANG SANG

17 June 2019

Founded in 1997, is a Sino-foreign joint venture with a factory area of ​​15,000 square meters and equipped with more than two types of famous machinery – Swiss “Muller” computer jacquard narrow.

Strip looms, Taiwan “Guangye” computer jacquard narrow strip looms, Italy “COMEZ” weft crochet machine,
Japan “SUNON” crepe machine, Italy “OMM” computer rooting machine, computer dyeing machine ,
continuous dyeing machine, computer hot tape machine, etc.
The monthly output is up to 10 million meters and has about 500 workers and dozens of management executives.
The company is responsible for different production lines with scientific management – jacquard webbing including elastic and inelastic ropes are mainly woven from various knitting machines and weaving machines, producing all kinds of yarn ribbons with different requirements. Dyeing belt, etc. The company can weave the designated brand jacquard weaving tape for customers, famous brands and buyers such as A&F, Old Navy, Gap, Nautica, Next,Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Bossini and Jockey, Wal -Mart and other establishment of production business, we pay special attention to communication with customers, actively adopt customer opinions, and continuously improve product quality.

The company also set up a dyeing factory, and employs 100 employees to monitor raw materials such as bleaching and dyeing ribbons and yarn dyeing. In addition to commonly used nylon yarn, polyester silk, cotton material, ammonia silk yarn and rubber yarn, we also constantly seek new varieties of raw materials. To meet the needs of customers in testing tensile force, bleaching, washing.
In summary, the production project of Hang Sang covers the home, clothing and related ingredients,
such as ready-to-wear, women’s underwear, bust, men’s underwear, swimwear, hats, bags, footwear and many daily routines.
Living goods and clothing ingredients.

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