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meet with HOKURIKU

30 January 2019

Founded in 1974, Hokuriku S.T.R. is a family-run cooperative business based in Japan

that specializes in elastic warp knitting fabrics, especially for the shapewear market. I

t has a workforce of 160, three factories in Japan, and 70 Raschel machines.

Hokuriku S.T.R. is able to design finished garments, from yarn to end products, respecting clients’ fitting bills.

The company develops fabrics with various functions. The 3D body measurement machine, called Cousette,

measures 3 million body points in two seconds. The machine shows 3D body line effects and measures the distance

between various points on the body. It is used to visually and easily validate finished products.

The company exports 30 percent of its output, and is showing strong growth in that area.

It counts Uniqlo and Marks & Spencer among its key customers.

Hokuriku S.T.R.’s marketing office is located in Hong Kong.


Latest innovation: a high-stretch fabric with differentiated stretch zones for added comfort and shaping the body.

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