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6 April 2017

Virginie Fauconnier 36, journalist and blogger # MY BLOG IS RICH

Instagram: 6,160 followers
Facebook: 4,508 likes
Twitter:  3,828 followers
Running at least once a week / every day during holidays
Yoga and a variety of activities tested for the blog

I’m a designer and mother getting dangerously close to 40 . . . well, ok, I’m exaggerating slightly but I’m on the downhill side. I like fashion – shoes (with red soles), bags, and clothes – and had the bright idea to make it my job. I also like to enjoy life, and love to go out and have a good time with friends. Oh, and I’m also a fan of running (my best friend would say I’m obsessed about it, but he always exaggerates)! I’ve been blogging for almost six years, and even though I didn’t originally focus on sports, my blog has evolved as my interests and lifestyle have changed. I’ve always shared everything with my readers, so I share the health-conscious side with them too, especially since many of them are very athletic. I hope I motivate them, they certainly motivate me – it really works both ways. It’s a win-win relationship with my beloved readers.


Fitness wear budget and look: I don’t have a fitness wear budget and my clothes are very simple but a little girlie. I need to feel comfortable to run, but despite that I don’t want to look like a sack, so I favour neutral colours and add a little “girlie flash” with my trainers. And my earphones are absolutely essential. I can’t run without music. Singing helps me pace my breathing.

Bra or bra top: A bra that gives me comfort and support! I’m not endowed like Pamela Anderson, so I often go without a bra, but I never, absolutely never, run without one!

Smart devices: I love smart devices. I wore a wristband for a long time that measured everything, and I have a running app on my phone that sends me messages when I go too long without moving.

Wellbeing advice: LOVE YOURSELF! And everything will be fine! Let’s be gentle with ourselves!

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