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Meeting with PHAX

10 August 2017

1. Could you describe your brand in just a few words?

Phax always full of life, colors and charm, has all the essential elements for summer.
Since 1991, Phax has been focusing on a funny and young life style, becoming the third export brand from swimsuits in Colombia.
Each collection is inspired by a mystic history, where fashion is the result of a creative experience. Phax brings a fusion of prints, textures, colors and silhouettes awaken feelings of love and freshness, resulting in a sophisticated and youthful look.
Phax currently offers different options between women’s swimwear, girls, teens, beachwear and accessories.
A blend of sensuality and vanguard to look and feel good anytime.
Throughout the years, Phax has seduced a large international market, with presence in more than 40 countries, department stores, specialized boutiques, multi-brand stores and online sales of fashion in swimsuits around the world.

2. Could you describe your Summer 2018 collection? What type of woman are you designing for?

Live with Phax an unforgettable experience, travelling around the world to the most incredible festivals where the culture, music and art are mixed to create the new boho look where the design becomes fun and the textures becomes art

Textures and floral prints that evoke tropical also paradise islands and exotic animals and flowers. Wild life inspired prints permeated by neon and vibrant colors are the perfect form to exploit to the maximum the festival that each of our designs has.

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