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Mode City innovates on form and content

24 July 2017

The Mode City July 2017 edition was a dazzling event filled with discoveries, innovations, and creativity. The show’s lingerie and swimwear offer was especially extensive and varied.

Skilful visuals in easy-to-follow, efficient presentations shared Mode City’s expertise on industry trends with information on colours, new shapes, and increasingly sophisticated finishings.

Summer 2018 will awaken our creativity with in-depth, widely diverse ideas. The season’s silhouettes are designed to show off new areas of the body for almost customised summer wardrobes. Ready-to-wear is a strong influence, not only on cuts but also techniques.


A focus on the shoulders, the new cleavage for 2018!

More than just a trend…it’s a generational symbol.

The off-the-shoulder look is the new, must-have uniform, swimsuit tops feature sleeves, straps become fashion accessories, and highlighted necklines structure the silhouette…there’s so much happening!



Personalization and details: the new creative process

Pieces are adorned with all types of details, making them true fashion items: buckles, high-waisted belts that accent the waistline, natural or semi-precious stones, overall-style clips, ruffles… The swimsuit becomes a one-of-a-kind piece. Real bespoke handwork is underway.


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