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19 July 2017

Panty Fresh is the World’s Smallest Compact 4in1 daily use underwear solution that allows women to remain hygienic and feel a sense of complete freshness when they are on the go and away from home. The 4 in 1 sachet includes everything needed to feel completely refreshed, clean and confident:

1- Great quality, no-show seamless, reusable underwear
2- Individually-wrapped, super thin pantyliner
3- Individually-wrapped, hypoallergenic freshening wipe
4- A Wash-Me bag (to place the previously worn underwear to launder at a later time)

All this inside a small compact, portable sachet that fits in the palm of the hand and pockets, making it easy to carry along with your everyday essentials and always be prepared for the unexpected.

Since a woman’s body is unpredictable, and often experiences unpleasant surprises such as ​​​​vaginal discharge, sweat, odor, periods or incontinence; Panty Fresh provides the woman on the go to be fully prepared to freshen up whenever and wherever needed, and NOT feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. The everyday woman faces many unexpected circumstances as well, such as travel cancellations, long commutes, long work hours and unplanned sleepovers; Panty Fresh™ is clearly the solution for any situation to ensure she can comfortably go on with her day.

“Always Fresh with Panty Fresh”

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