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A new life for Réard Paris

9 July 2017

We owe the 1946 invention of the bikini to this avant-garde Frenchman.

The minimalist two-piece that created a scandal when it appeared marked a definite change in swimsuit history. The brand disappeared in the 70s but is now back under the leadership of a team of beachwear experts.

The goal: create stunning, perfectly cut suits with invisible finishings. Special attention is paid to fabrics which have 38 percent Lycra, while most suits only have 10 to 15 percent.

The result: high-stretch knits that hug the body’s curves, and, since all the suits are lined, create an impeccable silhouette. Réard Paris, proud of its beginnings, has updated some of the designs that made it successful, such as the newspaper print bikini (see photo) carried by Colette and the eyelet suit.

For summer 2018, the brand rides the waves of two strong beachwear trends: vintage, with 50s-inspired shapes and the 80’s athletic dynamic with brighter, even acid, colours.

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