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28 June 2017

GIAPENTA: The Future of Luxury Lingerie

New Lingerie Brand Debuts With High-Tech Performance Fabrics for Everyday Comfort

The wait is over: GIAPENTA, the innovative luxury lingerie brand, launched worldwide on June 14th with the debut of The collection is set to reinvent the intimate apparel industry through its exclusive temperature-balancing fabrics and smart design solutions.


The online shop is the highly-anticipated follow-up after the brand’s successful preview on KickStarter earlier this year, where it met its funding goal in less than 24 hours.

“We’ve thoughtfully designed a collection with modern women in mind, whose busy, on-the-go lifestyle was the inspiration for us to change the perspective on intimate apparel,” said Founder and CEO, Kris Strouthopoulos.

GIAPENTA was born from the idea that high-performance fabrics shouldn’t just be reserved for the gym. The brand takes function a step further by incorporating phase-changing materials into their fabrics, which keeps your body temperature perfectly regulated. The brand specially developed these materials for lingerie with their TempPro™ fabric, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

Unlike most moisture-wicking and activewear fabrics which are reactive, pulling perspiration away from the skin after you’ve already started sweating, GIAPENTA’s TempPro™ fabric proactively regulates your body temperature, keeping you from overheating or sweating in the first place. As you start to get warm, the materials pull excess body heat away from you. Stored heat is then released back to you when you start to get cold. Always keeping you cool & comfortable.

TempPro™ is found throughout the collection and was even quoted by Refinery29 as “a game-changer in luxury lingerie!”

Designed from the highest quality materials and sourced from around the world, the collection of bras, panties, bodysuits, camisoles and sleep masks incorporates buttery soft jerseys & modals, detailed embroidered appliques and soft, breathable mesh.

During the design process the team listened to feedback from hundreds of women about their lingerie, and found the same common issues kept emerging They set out to solve these concerns by creating beautifully designed lingerie that delivers on functionality.

The brand incorporates design solutions into every piece of the collection, easy front adjusting straps; their signature London X Back Bra with a patent-pending X-back design to keep shoulder straps in place; as well as a strapless bra that not only stays in place, but doubles as an impressive multi-way bra with 13 different conversions!


GIAPENTA’s innovative lingerie line has already become a favorite among bloggers and influencers alike, including Rocky Barnes, Martha Graeff, Loren Ridinger, Lainy Hedaya, Isabella Grutman, Emilia Beck Serhant and Melanie Pace, to name a few. Each piece in the collection is named after places that hold special meaning to the brand and they have established partnerships to give back to each of those communities through sales of their products.

About Giapenta:

GIAPENTA is luxury lingerie made for every day. The collection combines beauty, an exceptional fit and innovative design solutions to achieve a new level of comfort and style. With its exclusive high performance TempPro™ technology fabric that proactively regulates body temperature, GIAPENTA always keeps you cool and comfortable. The brand invites women to experience the future of luxury lingerie.




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