New velvet effects.

21 January 2018


Deceptively well-beha- ved, light-catching, unde- niably soft and pleasant to touch, velvet is making a co- meback!

Spotted in the world of decoration and on catwalks around the globe, it is taking fashion dressing rooms by storm and making its mark in lingerie and homewear collections.
Made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres, using a special weaving technique, the iconic material of this season will be seen everywhere and in every manner possible. Noble and glamorous, comfortable and on- trend, velvet is becoming a laudation of all that is delicate.
In precious details or plays on texture (Vanity Fair, Huit, Undress Code, Le Journal Intime), in brand concepts (Velvet Sock’s) or used to enhance an iconic piece (Superbe), velvet is making waves in several collections!



“We imagined a line in velvet, stylish and comfortable for the next season. fte wave motif in stretch velvet is elegantly superimposed on stretch tulle. ftis soft material makes the colours more intense with its shine.”



“We designed the high-waisted underwear “La Douce” in struck emerald velvet with love. It’s an incredible material, even if it requires a lot of precision in its cutting and mounting. Velvet is a noble, warm and soft material, it perfectly embodies a woman in love!”


“Velvet is one of our favourite materials. We’ve worked it into our entire collection: kimonos, shirts, lingerie sets… Pieces entirely in velvet or in bi-material contrasts, we had fun with all of the possibilities which velvet offered us (forms, cut outs, textures, lighting…).

It’s so soft and nice to feel that you don’t want to take it off. It’s a new arrival in the world of lingerie. It’s certainly a new approach for contemporary women: a game of underwear as outerwear and resolutely fashionable pieces. For manufacturing, we work with experts since velvet demands great expertise.”



“In 2016, I launched my coloured velvet sock brand. I love this material, which has a strong personality which reflects colour in different ways depending on the lighting. It instantly makes all of my products elegant, comfortable and unique. Velvet has exceeded simple trends – it’s a state of mind”


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