One-on-one with : SACHI WAKASHIRO, Head Designer Wacoal Lingerie

3 January 2018

How do you explain the success of shapewear? It has become a wardrobe essential for women and for all the stars, year after year. What are the main developments you have seen since the launch of your first range in 2009?

“The success of Wacoal shapewear is intrinsically linked to innovation in our fabrics and our unique development process. From the start of the shapewear boom in 2009 until today, Wacoal has constantly reinvented itself and pushed its ranges forward, from “Beauty Secret” to “Beyond Naked”: this is ultra-soft lingerie with seamless edges, perfectly following the body’s every move like a second skin and offering total invisibility under clothing. Its double panels connected with minuscule heat-sealed stitches allow for both softness and breathability. Unlike traditional bonding methods, this technique guarantees an incomparable level of comfort.”

Women are changing, and so are the rules of seduction. How is Wacoal responding to the expectations of these new consumers?

“In the past, we made use of the expertise of the Wacoal Human Science Research Center to develop innovative products that were a great success in European markets, such as the “Good Up Bra”, “Hip Walker”, and “Good Up Girdle”, which remains a part of our range. Today, we hope to create something new by relying on innovations developed by our research center, enhanced with a European eye for style and trends. We want to offer a wider range of products so that every woman can have more choices in terms of lingerie that suits her particular lifestyle. (…)
(…) The “Opulence” range was created with this in mind: a true combination of innovation, allure, and modernity. This premium range is revolutionizing our product offer, with, for example, a unique backless bustier and a deep plunge bra that offers incomparable comfort.
We’re also offering a new approach to shapewear: Sexy Shaping. This way, we offer comfortable lingerie designed to be worn all day long, while retaining the notion of design, streamlined shape, and elegance that all women want. It sculpts the body and provides total support. This lingerie elevates the feminine form and each woman’s curves without changing them.”

How is the brand positioning itself in terms of the “body positive” movement that is taking over social media?

“I think that the entire lingerie industry is entering this new “Body Positive” era. Wacoal’s main goal has always been to make women feel even more beautiful and to elevate and enhance their curves. The beauty of every woman is at the very heart of our thinking, and it’s for these women that we invent products that combine beauty,
quality, and comfort. I hope that our collections offer great support for women in their everyday lives, because they are our modern-day heroines. Wacoal keeps striving to allow women to be themselves: elegant, alluring, with total freedom of mind and body.”

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