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Pieces of marble lingerie on the trade show

14 January 2019

Lace dream …

The exploration of the lingerie theme from the perspective of an allegory of the intimate, the private, the “ hidden ” and secrets pervades the artistic approach of Benedicte Roland Clarke.

On the occasion of this exhibition, she has imagined, for visitors and professionals, a veritable “ stand “ of pieces of marble lingerie, of various sizes and shapes, which demonstrates that it is possible to combine the sacred and the profane. The aspect of lightness that it infuses with the white stone inspires a feeling of sacralization of lingerie and provokes contrasting sensations by questioning classical art and its eternal cannons of beauty and elegance.

Long assimilated, in the media, to a symbol of sexuality and to the awakening of the desire of the other, lingerie is now clothed by women by personal taste and pleasure. The artist’s works attempt to translate this audacity, this freedom of choice and, beyond the example, this new assertion of women who dare, throughout the world, denounce oppression.

A lingerie symbolically engraved in the marble in the image of the word “ freedom ”.

Find out the exhibition on the Trend & Selection area on the show.


Benedicte Roland Clarke

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