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Plunge into Colombian beachwear

10 July 2017

Colombian brands are taking up more and more space on beachwear shelves around the world.


What attracts consumers to these swimsuits?

Probably the richness of the prints, which are always full of detail and sparkling colours. Blessed with sea and sun, Colombia gives designers an indisputably inspiring setting, with luxuriant plant life and warm, luminous colours. Another special characteristic of Colombian swimsuits is the tremendous variety of artisanal details. Embroideries, sequins, crochet, and other traditional weaves are everywhere and always created and re-applied by hand. Numerous Colombian brands paint all or part of their prints in-house to express the splendour of their country’s landscapes. As far as shapes, and contrary to what one might imagine, Colombians don’t insist on the sexy cuts so dear to their Brazilian neighbours. They prefer a natural allure and rather loose-fitting designs; their suits don’t have padding to increase the bust nor suggestive cut-outs at the hips or derriere.

Agua Bendita


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