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3 January 2020

Poetic Alchemy

Faced with an unprecedented ecological crisis, a new generation of designers is sending out a positive message and aiming to raise awareness. A key step in the fight against climate change.

We know the facts, we’ve heard the warnings and now it’s time to act. This could be a fantastic opportunity to reshape our environment, to set up new models and systems for supporting ecological transition.

Exchanging knowhow and encouraging positive interaction are essential for preserving the world as we know it today and shaping the world of the future.

Like the bodyfashion sector, Bridal and Haute Couture professionals are inspired by this current with a new poetic vision of creation, taking its cues from the beauty of our environment.

Reflecting this current, the new edition of The Exception will feature creative textile research by French-born embroidery artist Emma Cassi, who is now based in Windsor (UK).

The artist traces her lifelong commitment to nature all the way back to childhood. After successfully completing Art School in Dijon, France, as well as qualifications in physiology and anatomy, she turned her attentions to herbalism and aromatherapy to broaden her knowledge and develop her skills.

Her latest project, SILK, involves a more intuitive and experimental approach to embroidery, in line with her aspirations and lifestyle. Embroidered on the smoothest silks, ethereal creations eschew sequins in favour of vintage cotton threads. A combination of recycling and craftsmanship brings her work to life.

Discover textile artworks by this rare artist at the January edition of the show.

Emma Cassi

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