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19 July 2018

Hotmilk’s newest label Projectme to launch at Curves Expo

Hotmilks aspiration t continually develop and improve lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers has led them to launch their newest label ‘Projectme’. Projectme is set to stir up the nursing lingerie market with influential styles and directional fit that is designed to be seen.

Projectme is maternity and nursing wear that disrupts the normal, that recognizes the fashion lover, the socialite, that sees the #meetoo generation and that hears the story behind the selfie and projects that into the everyday. Unique straps, lace detailing and clips are designed to be seen to take a mother from coffee date to baby yoga, quick feed in the changing room to that coveted date night look.

Hotmilk will showcase Projectme for the first time at the Curves expo this August. Ambition, Warrior and Heroine make up the 3 collections from Projectme’s first range; ‘Shine a Light’.

Ambition is designed to envelop and wrap the body in soft supportive layers, clean lines and disappear under clothing. The T Shirt Bra is redefined for a generation that understands that basic doesn’t have to be so.

Graphic lace juxtaposed with slashes of satin and rose gold clips embrace the Warrior collection. Warrior sends a fresh, contemporary message of owning motherhood, relishing in a new opportunity for fashion.

Projectme’s heroine collection is a sweet escape from the outside world. Fresh and fun like stolen kisses in the quiet of the night. Pretty floating lace with rose gold accents envelop the body, with lavish back detailing for 360º beauty.

Whether the mood is pretty, classic or directional, the Projectme mother will not compromise; she owns her own journey.

Hotmilk and Projectme will be on display at Stand 165.

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