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7 June 2017

Ahhh, the famous swimsuit ordeal . . . choosing that useful bit of fabric to see us through summer is never a small affair, no matter what our body type.
This week, I’m focusing on you curvy, voluptuous figures. How can you look your best and conceal minor imperfections? Follow the guide to avoid fashion faux pas.

What’s true in the lingerie department is just as true for swimwear. Your credo for a beautiful bustline: support. And to enjoy yourself: comfort.

So there’s nothing better than choosing brands with corsetry expertise that make swimsuits perfectly designed for large cup sizes. Turn to Simone Pérèle, Chantelle, Empreinte, Maryan Mehlhorn, Anita Comfort, Fantaisie, Freya, Rosafaia, and even Andrés Sardá or DnuD.


Underwires, which guarantee real hold. Or wide support bands under the bust and, if possible, wires at the sides.

Styles with good coverage at the sides.

It’s a misconception that cups add volume. On the contrary, they provide perfect support.

They’re especially ideal for bandeaux tops (yes, of course you can wear a bandeaux if it’s got good coverage).

Small-scale prints. Dark, subtle colours. Matte polyamides.


The triangle bikini, which gives no support and lets breasts spill over on all sides. We’ve seen better in terms of elegance . . .

Too-narrow straps, especially halter styles (you’ll end up with a painful back and neck).

Large prints, which increase the overall visual volume.

Unlined, lightweight polyamides.



To camouflage a round tummy, nothing works like a one-piece! If it meets the above guidelines and flatters your décolleté, it will give you ultra-elegant charm.

If you still prefer a two-piece, choose a high-waisted bottom that covers the belly button (or it will dig into your skin). The style is an undisputable classic. But you should still avoid this look if you have little definition at the waist (an H shape).


Polyamides that sculpt.

Draping, which uses glamour to snub figure flaws. Dramatic cut-outs give a leaner and more shapely look to silhouettes.

High-cut openings, which lengthen the legs.


Shiny polyamides. Colours that are light, very bright, or fluorescent; they accent the tummy area.

Large-scale prints, which add visual volume.

Thick elastic in the rear, which cuts into skin and creates unnecessary bulges.

Simone Pérèle

I can’t say it enough, boyshorts aren’t for you! You think you’re camouflaging your curves, but on the contrary, that wide stretch of fabric only calls attention to them.

The rule of thumb for a slightly heavy lower body is to lengthen the line. How? With high-cut legs and swimsuit bottoms with narrow sides.


Brief-style bottoms that are high-cut at the legs and back.

Narrow sides. Yes to bikinis with narrow ties if you’re toned, otherwise, beware of looking all trussed up.

Flat elastics to avoid creating unneeded bulges.

Matte polyamides. Chic, dark colours and small prints.

Eye-catching cut-outs.


Large knots at the hips, which will make them look bigger.

Boyshorts styles, you know why.

Too much coverage in the back. A heavy look guaranteed.


Large-scale prints. Shiny polyamides.


Andrès Sardà


Main photo: Ashley Graham for Forever 21

Par Audrey Murga

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