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Retail: Manifesto and prospective study

19 December 2017



Our vocation: accompanying you, driving the industry forward

Daring to change

Let’s invent new lingerie stores, where femininity is the key to modernity.

Playing a social role

Let’s use expertise in communication and exchange to create welcoming stores with strong identities.

Updating our professions

Let’s focus on these strengths to modernize the sector and highlight the value of our professions and expertise.

Humanizing interactions and repositioning

Let’s promote specialization and make the most of the human dimension.

Textile innovation will revolutionize products over the next 10 years

Let’s treat these changes as an incredible opportunity to bring comfort and performance to this dynamic sector, boosted by technical expertise and knowhow.



Our plan for the coming edition of the show is to:

– offer an overview of the Retail market – what forms is it taking?
– share an analysis of retail codes and tools to enable you to detect and use them within your own work
– take you on a voyage of discovery through the most interesting stores and boutiques for a broader fashion culture and a host of inspiration!
– provide inspiring visuals, illustrating all the ideas and concepts explored.

The results of our future-oriented Retail study will be available for purchase at the show, priced at €1,500.


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