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Retail is revolutionising the codes

10 October 2017

Crédit photo : The Pop Lingerie

The 2018 Salon International de la Lingerie will share retail inspiration and advice.

For both retailers and designers today, marketing has taken on considerable importance in doing business. Brands now design and plan their collections differently, with bespoke becoming a strong trend.

Marketing requirements are no longer met by an already created product, and marketing itself  has become a part of designers’ inspiration. It’s logical that this trend goes along with the transformation of sales mediums and tools to more precisely meet consumer expectations.

Where should you sell? To whom? And then, how? The trade show will answer all these questions in a dedicated area.


Four inspired spaces for retail trends

  • Capsule products in the Pop-up Store

  • A lifestyle focus in the Concept Store


  • A multi-media offer at the Online Space


  • Specific identities and moods with Le Store


Stay tuned for more!

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