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Retail Tips

25 June 2018

Your store design is crucial!
This summer, we’re offering you an opportunity to transform your store into a vibrant lifestyle space for your customers!

A DIY area will offer you various simple tools to transform your shop.

The aim is to create relationships with customers thanks to ever-changing and personalized stores

Sneak preview of the tools featured:

  1. Transforming walls: choosing wallpapers and how to use them
  2. Easy tips for customizing and decorating hangers and rails
  3. The latest ways to communicate in-store
  4. Advice for creating simple spaces and displays
  5. Photo studio: what’s the best way to showcase products on social networks?

To help you imagine the ideas in situ, the 79C agency has prepared a number of films featuring stores which have already put these tools into practice: see for yourselves!

Find out more on the Trend & Selection Forum at the Unique by Mode City show on 7, 8 and 9 July!

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