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Rethink Intimate Apparels – Project #3

16 March 2018

@ INTERFILIERE HONG KONG – March 27 & 28, 2018


by Hin Ting (Scarlet) WONG

Poor posture which often occurs as a result of one’s daily activities. But maybe it is also a symptom of Scoliosis!
Scarlet has conducted in-depth study to better understand the needs of patients with scoliosis, the principle of the Scoliosis Specific exercise and their benefits. She has looked for the most efficient sensors and fabrics that could responded to this issue. And finally, she was able to design and develop a prototype allowing patient to practice safely their exercises at home.
Doctors advise patient to do some home exercise on a daily basis but, actually, if you do not do the exercise the right way you can hurt and harm yourself. Let Scarlet tells you about her idea!

She will be on Interfilière Hong Kong on March 27th. to let you know more about her project. Make sure to stop by the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY booth and vote for her if you like her project.


Scarlet Wong, a self-motivated, confident, and cheerful girl, studies Fashion and Textiles and specializes in Intimate Apparel at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Developing a passionate interest in lingerie design and manufacturing, she has explored the industry globally by, for instances, joining the BA (Hons) Contour Fashion course at the De Montfort University, UK as an exchange student, and working for two international brands respectively in the Mainland China factory as a technical trainee, and in the HK office as a design and merchandising trainee. She is eager to learn and contribute, with both team spirit and independence. To achieve design breakthroughs, she has implemented a cooperative project with the clinic as her thesis that is DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF SMART TANK TOP FOR SCOLIOSIS PATIENTS IN DOING THE SCHROTH EXERCISES. The technical garment design and production skills, together with the basic knowledge of wearable technology, applied physics and mathematics, as well as human anatomy, have supported her to pursue the career in technological sportswear innovations.

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