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Rimteks, industry-leading elastic producer

29 June 2018

Designing 6 or 7 products each day, Rimteks introduces over 1,000 new articles a year and produces 25 million metres per month. It was the first Turkish elastic tape producer to obtain ISO 9001 certification and has supplied industrial and novelty elastic to lingerie brands since 1976.

Specializing in elastic and narrow lace for underwear, it is currently positioned as one of Europe’s top companies. A wide range of products are manufactured to satisfy orders from international clients such as Triumph, Calida, Huber, Wolford, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, DIM, Aubade and Chantelle.

©Aubade x Rimteks

The vertically-integrated company runs its own laboratory and dyeing facility, capable of preparing between 250 and 300 different colours each week. Finishing and embellishment processes are also integrated.
Rimteks exports 75% of production to 35 different countries.

The new Rimteks collection is entirely dedicated to nature.

Keep an eye out for Rimteks at the upcoming Interfilière Paris show.

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