ROCLE BY ISABELLA : full speed ahead

23 July 2019

For Emmanuelle Bonnetin and Isabelle Rivier, the power-duo that heads up Rocle by Isabella, winning Designer of the Year two years ago was a real boost to their collections. After their swim collection, launched a few months ago, they’re unveiling a new athleisure collection at the show.


Two years after your award, are you still as enthusiastic as ever?
E.B.-I.R / This recognition of our work massively motivated our team. Even today, we can feel the excitement at all levels of our company. I’m convinced that this sort of enthusiasm that’s always been at the heart of what we do is still being generated by the award. Being named Designer of the Year is, in some ways, a commitment we make to our clients. That of amazing them yet again, each and every time.

What is this award bringing you nowadays?
E.B.-I.R / It motivates us even more to create new things and to commit to our project over the long run. Boosted by this energy, we’ve been able to, for example, increase our number of recycled polyester and polyamide base fabrics. From a small, sustainable capsule collection, we’ve moved into a complete range, doubling our number of products.

Why have you decided to go after the activewear market?
E.B.-I.R / Here, once again, we’re convinced that, if we won that award, it was because we had just launched a swimwear range. This gave us renewed confidence in our choices, in terms of where we were going. And it stimulated us to create additional ranges. For this session of Interfilière Paris, we’re delighted to be unveiling our athleisure range. This is a market that’s exploding and is truly promising, for us and for our clients. We really wanted to offer something new and different that wouldn’t be excessively masculine in style, which we see a lot of, nor neon brights or black. Our firm has a role to play on the athleisure print market, with different knit construction and truly innovative prints like flocking, which isn’t yet prevalent in this market.

How do you view the market today?
E.B.-I.R / The sport market – activewear and athleisure – is still clearly undergoing rapid development and will be hyper-segmenting itself, both in terms of technical sports and for leisure activities. And it’s the women’s market that will boost these two niches, technical and leisure. The market remains “curious” and is ready to try new things and demand even bolder products. It’s so different from the lingerie market, much less rule bound. It’s a strong market that’s interested in anything new. Just as in lingerie, where you can sense differences in tastes between countries and cultures, in swimwear, such differences are even more striking, between the North and the South of France, for example.


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